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AfricaWorx is a platform where you can be the change and make a difference in the world! Contribute to any of our projects where we are an advocate for these non-profit charities.

AfricaWorx is a foundation that Carmen Tosca Grobler started in 2012 to assist through personal contributions, raising funds from the public and spreading awareness for charity programmes that speak to her heart. Thus far, we are actively supporting and are involved with these organisations on an ongoing basis - click on logo to go directly to the websites to contribute:

ADI (Animal Defenders International) takes a unique holistic, self-sufficient approach to achieving long-term protection for animals. We work at all levels, from start to finish of a campaign – from investigations and gathering empirical evidence to scientific and economic research, publication of technical reports, through to public education and assisting with law enforcement and legal protection for animals.
AMADO is a non-profit organisation helping children with disabilities, to receive animal assisted therapy through horses. The results and changes that these children undergo and have experienced is evidence of the amazing work done by M’Lani Basson, a woman who gives all her time and effort to make a difference in these children’s lives, helping them to have a higher quality life and a future.

About the Founder:

Carmen is a South African Artist and Spiritual Healer based in Cape Town, her work and passions encompass photography, music, painting, drawing, graphic design, writing and all forms of crafts which has been part of her life since childhood.

She has earned a Diploma in Canine Communication in 2011 through Compass in the UK, an International Animal Behaviour Centre and is a member of I.S.A.P (The International Society of Animal Professionals).

In 1997 she qualified as an Internal Auditor and later on completed further Diplomas as a Healthcare Representative and in Website Development and Photography.

More of Carmen's work here:

AfricaWorx Mission:

Our Vision and Mission is to provide for and help as many children and animals in need as we possibly can - Helping to alleviate suffering to those who cannot help themselves. This is accomplished through effective implementation of certain therapies, install a sense of worthiness in all beings and inspiring hopes and dreams for a beautiful future. We believe in what we do, that it fulfills a greater cause and purpose and that we are creating a legacy. Our mission is to be an inspiration for others and contribute to a greater universal cause.

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